An Empirical Study on Project Management Maturity in Human Resources

Title in Polish:

Badania empiryczne z dojrzałości w zarządzaniu projektami w obszarze zasobów ludzkich


Spałek, Seweryn


The assessment of the Project Management Maturity (PMM) level shows the company how good it is at managing projects. This measurement can be performed in different domains of expertise. In the article, the issue of PMM in the human resources (HR) area is examined. The discussion is based on a world-wide empirical research project conducted in more than 400 companies. The study was mostly focused on the machinery industry as there is a dearth of research on project management topics in this branch of the economy. Therefore, by investigating the PMM level in the HR area, a picture of the state of project management in the machinery industry will be created. For the purposes of comparison, a study was conducted on the construction (CONS) and information technology (IT) industries which, in contradistinction, are very well recognized in the scientific literature related to project management issues. This approach will help to better contextualize and understand the results from the machinery industry. The PMM level measurement was done using the author’s model which assesses maturity on a scale of one to five, where one is the lowest and five, the highest level of maturity. The results of the study revealed that there were differences between the industries in PMM levels and between Polish and foreign companies.


project management maturity ; human resources ; assessment ; level ; machinery ; construction ; information technology ; empirical study